Dropout Productions

We are located in the core of San Francisco, where uninhibited, psychedelic sound is spiraling beyond the vaporous edges of reality!

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Dropout supports the success of psychedelic trance culture by unearthing mind expanding sights & sounds, and seeking the most innovative doorways to novel realms of being. We promote music & art that clear the mind of the dancer; honoring the true origination of the word PSYCHEDELIC, from the greek words:

: soul, mind, thought and spirit
delos: to make visible, clear

Dropout is dedicated to encouraging psychedelic trance and art that skyrockets dancefloors into full force overdrive.

Our mission is to amplify, strengthen and celebrate psychedelic soundscapes and atmospheres. Our vision embraces healing sound, ecstatic dance, tribal culture, and unifying ancient traditions with new emerging technologies.

We are dropping out and weaving psychedelic trance culture throughout planet earth!

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Alien FM2: Illegal Aliens



SpaceDivers - Ambient